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Weekly Horoscope

Weekly HoroscopeWeekly Horoscope By Monica extension 8002  7/10-7/16

Weekly Horoscope for all 12 signs.  If you know your rising sign, be sure to read that too!

Aries:  A terrific item catches your eye and you’re seized with the urge to own it If you cannot really afford it have ends hold onto your credit cards or drag you away.

Taurus: You don’t usually change your mind but doubts about a financial decision you’ve already made could haunt you. A longtime end moves in a separate direction and you ponder why.

Gemini: Your objectivity enables you to react more steadily to rapidly changing circumstances win­ning you kudos from those around you. You enjoy expressing your ideas regardless of your audience be it man or beast.

Cancer: The folks with whom you speak and interact are unclear and that makes it difficult for you to make decisions about their welfare. An overly emotional reaction will not help matters

Leo: Careful. Getting physical today means different things to different people You might seek affection from the wrong person. Do watch your step here.

Virgo: Connect. If you channel your sensitivity into creative pursuits you’ll probably be able to escape a few anxious moments. Try getting closer to loved ones.

Libra: Unnerving. This is a slow moving day; things will get done when the time is right. Trying to hurry them along can be frustrat­ing and otherwise unhelpful.

Scorpio: Once the nitty-gritty stuff is out of the way the day takes on a lovely hue. Be content to do what you love and love what you do!

Sagittarius: A well meaning end wants you to be a part of the future he or she has chosen and is determined to involve you whether you’re interested or not. Be firm.

Capricorn: A fancy event being held at a distance appeals to you but you consider whether you really have the time and money necessary to take the trip in question.

Aquarius: You crave new experiences and decide that a trip to a faraway place would be perfect If you cannot get away now you make plans and reservations for something later in the year.

Pisces: Attentive. Someone you meet can have information that improves your mental out­look. This encounter is more meaningful than casual. Listen intently to what’s said.

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