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Weekly Horoscope

Weekly HoroscopeWeekly Horoscope By Monica extension 8002 10/12-10/18

Weekly Horoscope for all 12 signs.  If you know your rising sign, be sure to read that too!

Aries:  Resourceful. Practical solutions to impractical ideas? Put your business smarts.

Taurus:  Amending gets an earful from another trying to understand you..

Gemini:   Persevere. Gloomy weather isn’t much fun but it never lasts forever. Tend to odds and ends of work and then turn in early tonight.

Cancer:   It’s best not to act prematurely If you send out beautiful thoughts something or someone beautiful will appear.

Leo:   Emotional baggage you’re carrying makes it difficult for you to relate to someone who’s ill perhaps because of the circumstances. A dream you have contains an important message from your subconscious.

Virgo:   A impromptu get together with ends is a lot of fun and you vow to get together more often. You enjoy spending time in the kitchen preparing gour­met treats for loved ones.

Libra:   You get great pleasure from your relationships today especially those with ends and your spouse or partner If you’ve been arguing with your mate set a romantic mood and make up.

Scorpio:   A number of your encounters lately have been with people who have more diverse outlooks on life and whose attitudes are completely different from yours. Try to fathom how they differ from you.

Sagittarius:   Sensible. Picky picky picky. Why are some people so irritating? You won’t have a problem if you go with ordinary pals rather than oddballs.

Capricorn:   Don’t be persuaded to do anything rash particularly if you don’t know the individual doing the urging well or he or she wants you to do something with which you’re not comfortable.

Aquarius:   Questionable. Someone you meet is into New Age studies and/or philosophies. Your instincts should tell you to remain objective but not aloof.

Pisces:   A do-it-yourself project is a lot of fun once you manage to decipher the manual ends offer last minute invitations. A clever pal wants to help you organize a local social event.


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