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Monthly Horoscope-March 2021

Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Horoscope for March 2021:

Monthly Horoscope for all 12 Signs. If you know your rising sign, be sure to read that one too.

Aries:  Its time to have fun! Careful not to party too much.  This could be a great time for a hot new romance.  Investing in a new stock can also be strong. If you have been striving for pregnancy, this could be a great time as your fertility is strong. This could also serve as a warning sign.

Taurus:  Your home life needs attention for the next few months.  There could be circumstances that require repair work or possibly moving.  A family member may need your help as well. Change is all around where you live.

Gemini:  Your automobile may require some repair work. If you have been wanting to trade your car in (lease) then this is a great time to do so.  There could be new contracts or paperwork requiring attention. Siblings that you have lost communication may appear too.

Cancer:  You income and possessions  will be the center of attention in the upcoming few months.  What you value and hold dear will undergo a process of evaluation.  New investments could pay off.  This is also a special time to develop a new talent.

Leo:   What do you stand for is the theme this month.  It is time to get out and reboot your identity.  Many undergo a mini change in the appearance or change a routine that is tied to their appearance.  For example, a client stopped coloring her hair blonde and to another color.  Something new with your appearance is in the works.

Virgo:  Humbling yourself is the theme.  This is the time sacrifices will be made for a greater good outside yourself.  Being busy behind the scenes will take up most of your time. It is important that you do not isolate yourself.

Libra:   Investing in your hopes, inspirations, and wishes are important for the month.  This is also a strong time to make a new friend and get acquainted with an association.  Some group activity is prominent.  Have some fun.  An old friend from the past may show up.  Great time for a school re-union.

Scorpio:  Parents are the theme front and center.  This can stem from viewing you take or took your role as a parent to actually dealing with your own parents.  It is a time where you reflect on authority and what hat means to you.  It may also lead you to review the influence of your parents and how that affects you today.

Sagittarius:   Learning, growing, and improving are vital to you.  This is a time where will gain insight in philosophy, spirituality, and higher learning.  Enrolling in a new course is also very prominent.

Capricorn:   This period is a strong time to look at your patterns and analysis and psychology.. Some may opt for self help others may seek deeper meaning in terms of the ego and shadow. Libra’s may want to read up on psychology or go to actually speak to a professional.  Inner work is in store for you.

Aquarius:    Themes around partnerships are highlighted.  This can be either romantic and or business partners.  If you do not currently have a partner, then it could be an ideal time to put the efforts to attain one.   It is also an ideal time to reboot your relationship and take it to a new level.

Pisces:  Your work is the theme for the month.  Expect more hours and the possibilities for a new opportunity to arrive.  This is an ideal time to search for a new position if you’ve been itching for change.  A new diet plan, management over day to day routines are being called to your attention.

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