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Monthly Horoscope-May 2022

Monthly HoroscopeMonthly Horoscope for May 2022

Monthly Horoscope for all 12 Signs. If you know your rising sign, be sure to read that one too.

Aries: You feel a need for stimulation be­cause your everyday life seems boring. You often chan­nel your energy into physical activities but don’t forget that you need to exercise your brain too.

Taurus: After just being done some dirt by someone unnamed you want to retaliate but think about the long term effects of your actions. To avoid accumulating bad karma follow the “Golden Rule.”

Gemini: You and ends get together and while it does not provide as much stimulation as you expected you go away with a brighter outlook on life. A charity wants your help.

Cancer: A unique opportunity to make a dream come true comes your way with a little help from your ends A humanitarian organization wants you to head up a fundraising committee

Leo: Applying your physical strength and stamina to a humanitarian endeavor is appealing. Think about teaching tutoring or working with disadvantaged or sick children If you’re sports oriented try coaching.

Virgo: You seem to have no control over what you say or to whom you say it. Keep a low profile or expect your words to get you in hot water.

Libra: Mixed Today’s a work day so tend to duties until tonight. Some wild and wooly schemes you have in mind could go poor? If they’re too far out. Watch it!

Scorpio: Practical Now that’s more like it! Down to earth behavior will be more acceptable to your peers and to others you mingle with social­ly

Sagittarius: Something disturbing is on your mind preventing you from making the most of what’s going on around you It’s also why your behavior seems somewhat erratic to others. Meditate for guidance.

Capricorn: You feel emotionally out of control but if you draw upon your nurturing instincts (no matter how feeble you think they are) and work at comforting others you’ll find peace.

Aquarius: You look for new ways to manipulate the numbers in your budget so you can save more. Your judgment is off a tad so be sure to review your decisions before making any changes.

Pisces: An opportunity to pick up some extra cash not be the windfall it seems to be so make sure you know what’s involved before accepting. Children provide lots of distraction.

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